Bio-Dynamics Tasmania Foundation Education Course

  • Core Biodynamic Gardening & Farming Concepts Introduction
  • Blended Learning: Online Content & In-Person Workshops
  • Sequential Topic Delivery with Developmental Progression
  • Online Study Groups, Discussion Boards & Recommended Readings

Enrolments Closed for 2023 intake

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Course Overview

Foundation Course aims and objectives

The foundation course aims to provide a range of learning experiences to stimulate students’ curiosity for, and understanding of, core biodynamic gardening and farming concepts, principles and practices.

This course is designed for new comers to biodynamics, people who may want a refresher/update, or people wanting to integrate biodynamics into other farming/gardening practices.

Delivery methods

This course utilises a blended learning methodology. The bulk of the specific topic content is delivered online, with clusters of content topics processed in more breadth and depth alongside specific practice exercises via in-person workshops.

Although some content areas can be stand-alone topics, generally the coursework is designed to be delivered sequentially, with subsequent topics building developmentally upon previous topics.

Online study groups and moderated discussion boards run parallel to the content and workshop delivery. These initially cover the core course readings – The Bio-Dynamics Tasmania Foundation Education Course Workbook - provide context for the more practice oriented Bio-Dynamics Tasmania Resource Handbook, and extend to recommended books and other readings.


The course consists of 16 core topics, processed over 4 in-person seasonally timed workshops. That is, there is one weekend workshop (14 hours) covering 4 key topics, with seasonally attuned hands-on practices delivered per season.

Online Components

The online components consist of: set reading materials, recorded power-point presentations, video recorded interviews with wisdom holders on key topics, YouTube links for set topics, video recorded practice demonstrations and site visits, moderated discussion boards, and webinars.

The 16 Broad Content Topic Areas Headings
1. Context of Biodynamic agriculture
2. Locating biodynamics alongside organic farming, regenerative agriculture, permaculture, syntropic agriculture
3. Terrestrial and cosmic influences
4. Broader distribution of compost preparations (BD 502-507) and herbal ferments.
5. Enlivenment enhancing practices
6. The function of the animal sheaths in BD preparations
7. The significance of water
8. Liquid manures/teas/ferments and healing pastes
9. BD preparations 502 - 507
10. Cosmic influences and the Astro Calendar
11. Zodiacal rhythms and lunar positioning
12. The role of human beings in biodynamics
13. Review of key principles
14. Personal projects presentations – integrating and deepening BD practices
15. Animal, insect and weed peppers
16. Growing edges of BD

In Person Components

The in-person workshops involve seasonally attuned practice sessions (e.g., pruning and tree pasting, peppering, composting, using the astro-calendar, etc.) alongside:
• A recap and review of the content of a cluster of 4 key topic areas
• Group discussions and learning exercises
• Site specific, developmentally and ecosystem attuned, planning exercises
• Additional content delivery
The weekend workshops for 2023/24 will be: Winter 15th and 16th July 2023; Spring 18th and 19th November 2023; Summer – February 2024 (dates TBC); Autumn March 2024 (dates TBC).

Each training cohort will involve a maximum of 15 participants.


BDTas members – Full course is $800
Non members - $950 (includes the BDTas Resource Handbook and Astro-Calendar)

There will be 2 partial scholarship positions available for each training cohort, where eligible course applicants demonstrate financial hardship. The reduced course cost for the successful applicants is $500.

More information

Further details, including how to enrol, please register your interest by emailing the BDTas coordinator Trevor Crowe - A brief overview of the Bio-Dynamics Tasmania Foundation Education Course can also be found below at our YouTube channel.
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