Biodynamic Prep Immersion Class – 28th Nov. 2021

We had a fabulous time delving into the plants which make up the BD preparations.  Students sketched with charcoal, contemplating each plant and its attributes.  We discussed all aspects of the plants one by one and finished the day with a stir and spray.  It was a really inspiring day and we hope to do it again.

A Saturday of immersion into the plant world and principally the six important plants that makeup the BD Preparations as taught by Rudolph Steiner. In this one day workshop we got to know each plant’s particular contribution to the BD landscape and the how and why each prep is prepared and how they are then used in the field or on the farm.

Participants then deepened their knowledge the following day at a hands on experiential field day, working side by side with BD practitioners to unearth this years BD preparations.


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