Bio-Dynamics Centennial Recognition Events in Tasmania May 2024

The celebrations in Tasmania aim to develop authentic dialogue between “healing” and “regeneration” across land, people and community, such that new harmonies may emerge and guide further BD developments into the future. 

Keynote speaker Ueli Hurter

The table below shows the range of activities and public presentations planned for 8-10 May in Southern Tasmania, some of which feature the global head of Bio-Dynamic Agriculture, Ueli Hurter.

Ueli Hurter has been the co-head of the Agriculture Section at the Goetheanum since 2010 and currently sits on the executive board of the International Biodynamic Association. A native of Switzerland, he completed agricultural appreticeships in Switzerland, Germany and France. He has formerly served as President of the Swiss Demeter association and as Swiss spokesman to Demeter International. 

A brief video primer for Ueli’s visit can viewed here

As can be seen in the table and on the downloadable flyer below, there is a mix of smaller group activities (e.g., BD compost making and a presentation/discussion on BD bee keeping with students, parents and interested people at the Tarramah Steiner School), facilitated discussions on a range of BD related topics (e.g., lunar and planetary cycles) and growing edges for BD (e.g., dialogue between Indigenous and BD approaches to caring for land), and more focussed discussions (e.g., Anthroposophy and community; exploring the herbs used for in BD preparations making; etc). Each of these activities represent different facets of the role BD can/does play in responding to major challenges all of us face, such as climate change, food security and quality, cost of living, and building regenerative communities. These challenges will be the focus of two public presentations by Ueli Hurter on Wednesday and Thursday evenings in the UTas Law Lecture Theatre 229 Sandy Bay.

BDTas plans to capture the key elements emerging from the dialogues across these events and add these to other needs expressed within the BDTas community, and harness the desire and energy to drive the related strategic development plan forward. In other words, the centennial events will not be an end in themselves, but rather an initiation into the next development phase for biodynamics in Tasmania.  

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