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New Membership + Astro Calendar



Become a part of an active community of bio-dynamic practitioners in Tasmania. 


Joining Bio-Dynamics Tasmania has many benefits. Annual membership includes:

  • Access to online Member Resources - a constantly growing source to help you on your bio-dynamic journey. Our membership officer will assign you access and contact you to confirm. 
  • Bio-Dynamics Tasmania Resource Handbook - a rich source of information to get you started.
  • Four editions of Elementals - our seasonal journal. 
  • Access to BD Preparations, 500, 501, CPP, 502-507 - made during field days and available for purchase by members only. 
  • Access to the Library
  • Access to regional groups holding field days + workshops. 
  • Study groups to facilitate participation and learning. 

Membership is renewed annually from November - timed with the release of the next Antipodean Astro Calendar.  Joining fee is reduced from June.


New Membership + Astro Calendar includes:

  • Resource Handbook
  • Elementals journal
  • Astro Calendar - learn to integrate bio-dynamic rhythms into your growing practices. 
includes shipping Australia wide
Sat, 10/30/2021 - 12:00