Bio-Dynamics Tasmania has a library of books, available for borrowing by members.

Please contact Bio-Dynamics Tasmania if you would like to borrow one or more of the following books:-

A Biodynamic FarmLovel
A Biodynamic Farmer's HandbookPearce
Advanced Biodynamic AgricultureLovel
Agricultural Crisis: A Crisis of Culture Berry
Agricultural Renewal Lovel
Agriculture Steiner
Ahead of Their Time - a history of the organic gardening and farming society of TasmaniaStevenson
An Agricultural Testament Howard
Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts Steiner
Anthroposophy and the Social QuestionSteiner
Apocalypse Steiner
Apple Grower (The) Phillips
Basic Book of Organic Gardening (The)Rodale
BD Agriculture Lectures - Volume 1 (Copy 1)Podolinsky
BD Agriculture Lectures - Volume 1 (Copy 2)Podolinsky
BD Agriculture Lectures - Volume 2 (Copy 1) Podolinsky
BD Agriculture Lectures - Volume 2 (Copy 2) Podolinsky
BD Agriculture Lectures - Volume 3 (Copy 1)Podolinsky
BD Agriculture Lectures - Volume 3 (Copy 2)Podolinsky
Bees and Honey, From Flower to JarWeiler
Betwixt Heaven & Earth Keats
Bio-Dynamic Agriculture Koepf, Pettersson & Schaumann
Bio-Dynamic Farming Practice Sattler & Wistinghausen
Bio-Dynamic Gardening and Farming: Volume 1 Pfeiffer
Bio-Dynamic Gardening and Farming: Volume 2 Pfeiffer
Bio-Dynamic Gardening and Farming: Volume 3 Pfeiffer
Biodynamic Farm (The)Koepf
Biodynamic GardeningSoper
Biodynamic Greenhouse Management Grotzke
Biodynamic Growing GuideKeats & Mager
Biodynamic Resource ManualBiodynamic Agriculture Australia (BAA)
BioDynamic Spray Preparations(The..) Talks on BD AgricultureKlett
Biodynamic Treatment of Fruit Trees, Berries and Shrubs (The)Pfeiffer
Biological Agriculture Work Study Crop Rotations, Residue, and Manure Loading Research Koepf & Sahs
Bringing a Garden to Life Williams
Chromatography Pfeiffer
Comfrey; Past Present and FutureHills
Cosmic Christianity and the Impulse of Michael / KarmaSteiner
Culture and Horticulture - a philosophy of gardening Storl
Dynamic Drawing - Its Therapeutic Aspect Kirchner
Dynamics of Nutrition (The)Schmidt
Earth and ManKonig
Earth's Face-Landscape & its Relation to the Health of the Soil (The)Pfeiffir
Easter Festival in Relation to the Mysteries (The)Steiner
End of the Millennium and Beyond (The)Seddon
Enlivened Rock Powders (The)Lisle
Farmers of Forty CenturiesKing
Farms of Tomorrow Groh & McFadden
Fifth Gospel (The)Steiner
From Seed to Seed - A seed savers guideGrotzke
Fundamentals of NutritionMier & Hoogewerff
Gardening for Health and Nutrition Philbrick
Gardening for Life - The Biodynamic Way Thun
Grasp the Nettle-Making BD Farming & Gardening Work (1st Ed) Copy 1Proctor
Grasp the Nettle-Making BD Farming & Gardening Work (1st Ed) Copy 2Proctor
Grow a Garden and be Self-Sufficient Pfeiffer
Growing Vegetables South of Australia Solomon
Guide to Flowers and Plants of TasmaniaCameron
Health and Illness (Vol. 2) Steiner
Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable de Bairacli Levi
Highgrove - Portrait of an Estate HRH The Prince of Wales
In Partnership with Nature Bockemuhl
Inner Aspect of the Social Question (The)Steiner
Karmic Relationships - Esoteric Studies Vol 1Steiner
Karmic Relationships - Esoteric Studies Vol 3 Steiner
Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment Steiner
Living EnergiesCoates
Meditation, Transforming our Lives Smit
Michaelmas - the Significance of the Impulse of Michael Steiner
Nature's Silent Music - A rucksack naturalist's Ireland Callahan
Nine Training Sketches for the Painter (The)Steiner
Parent Material and Soils NSW Dept Land & Water Conservation
Perceiving Plants: Experiencing Elemental BeingsVan Romunde
Personal and Social TransformationSmit
Philosophy of Spiritual Activity (The)Steiner
Power of the Pendulum (The)Lethbridge
Prayers for Parents and ChildrenSteiner
Results from the Biodynamic Sowing & Planting Calendar Thun
Rosicrucianism and Modem Initiation Steiner
Rudolf Steiner - Journey of a Grail Knight, a BiographyWhitehead
Rudolph Steiner's Vision of LoveNesfield-Cookson
Science of Knowing (The)Steiner
Secret life of Plants (The)Tompkins
Secrets of the Soil (Copy 1)Tompkins & Bird
Secrets of the Soil (Copy 2)Tompkins & Bird
Seed to SeedAshworth
Sekem; A Sustainable Community in the Egyptian DesertAbouleish
Sensitive Chaos Schwenk
Signs In The Heavens At The End Of A Millennium Starfire Three
Silent Spring Carson
Sing Me The Creation Matthews
Soil Biology Primer (Copy 1)Soil and Water Conservation Society
Soil Biology Primer (Copy 2)Soil and Water Conservation Society
Soil Fertility Pfeiffer
Soils of North West TasmaniaChilvers
Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies (The)Steiner
Star Wisdom and Rudolf Steiner - A Life Seen through the Oracle of the Solar CrossTresemer with Schiappacasse
Studying the Agriculture Course Soper
Subnature & Supernature; In the Physiology of Plant & Man The True Foundations of NutritionPfeiffer
The Agriculture Course, Koberwitz Whitsun 1924, Rudolf Steiner and the beginnings of biodynamicsSelg
Weather and Cosmos Klocek
Wisdom of the Bees - principles for biodynamic beekeepingBerrevoets
World Ether - Elemental Beings - Kingdoms of Nature Hagemann

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