Bio-Dynamics Tasmania has a library of books, available for borrowing by members.

Please contact Bio-Dynamics Tasmania if you would like to borrow one or more of the following books:-

Book TitleAuthor
Seed to SeedSuzanne Ashworth
Silent SpringRachel Carson
Herbal Handbook for Farm and StableJuliette de Bairacli Levy
Towards a Community Supported Agriculture Friends of the Earth
World ether:elemental beings-kingdoms of natureErnst Hagemann
Betwixt Heaven and EarthBrian Keats
Weather and CosmosDennis Klocek
The Power of the PendulumT.C. Lethbridge
A biodynamic farm for growing wholesome foodHugh Lovel
Rudolf Steiner's Vision of LoveBernard Nesfield_Cookson
Parent Material and Soils: A guide to the influence of parent material on Soil distribution in Eastern Australia NSW Land
Chromatography applied to quality testingEhrenfried Pfieffer
Subnature and supernature:True foundations of nutritionEhrenfried Pfieffer
Highgrove- Portrait of an Estate Prince of Wales
Sensitive ChaosTheodor Schwenk
The Agriculture Course:Steiner and the beginnings of biodynamicsPeter Selg
Meditation:Transforming our lives for the encouter with ChristJorgen Smit
Personal and Social Transformation:How to develop freedom, equality and fraternity in everyday lifeJorgen Smit
Studying the agriculture courseJohn Soper
Signs in the heavens at the end of a millennium Star Fire three
The Nine Training Sketches for the PainterRudolf Steiner
The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity:A philosophy of FreedomRudolf Steiner
Prayers for Parents and ChildrenRudolf Steiner
The Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly BodiesRudolf Steiner
Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its AttainmentRudolf Steiner
Karmic Relationships:Esoteric Studies Vol 1Rudolf Steiner
The inner aspect of the social questionRudolf Steiner
Karmic Relationships:Esoteric Studies Vol IIIRudolf Steiner
Rosicrucianism and Modern InitiationRudolf Steiner
The festivals and their meaning IV MICHAELMAS the significance of the impulse of MichaelRudolf Steiner
The Science of Knowing:Outline of an Epistemology Implicit in the Goethean World viewRudolf Steiner
BeesRudolf Steiner
Occult Science an outlineRudolf Steiner
Star Wisdom and Rudolf Steiner:A life seen through the Oracle of the Solar CrossDavid Tresemer
Soil Biology PrimerNational Resources Conservation Service USDA
Perceiving Plants: Experiencing Elemental BeingsVan Romunde Van Romunde
Rudolf Steiner:Journey of a grail knight_A biographyAlan Whithead
Bringing a garden to lifeCarol Williams

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